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A petite girl in her quest for support: Part 1

We can all agree that the off-shoulder trend is here to stay. I love-offshoulders tops as it works for my frame.






However, I could not wear them until I found the perfect strapless bra for it. Having a fuller bust on a small frame, I have always struggled with finding the right bra size. Until 3 months earlier I did not realize I had been wearing the wrong size my entire life. Bra-shopping had been relegated to my mother even after I was shopping myself. So I wore 36C based on my mom’s best judgment and some lingerie salesman/woman who had not even seen me. (most likely a salesman since 99% of the times I saw lingerie shops had male salesmen back in the days.)

Well, I was compelled to do my own lingerie shopping when I moved overseas for my higher studies and I realized that there was not only a number but also a letter which comes into factor. That was one more variable and to make matters worse the sizes were denoted differently in France. I still remember my helpless feeling at Princess Tamtam , Chantelle, Darjeeling  trying on innumerable bras, decoding French sizing and trying to read and speak French when I did not know any. Confused more than before, I bought a range of numbers from 90 to 95 of whatever was available after a long shopping spree.  I still have those bras unused because I clearly bought the wrong sizes.

In the meanwhile, the variety of bra sizes and more so my knowledge of it has expanded and I decide to try out some fancy shops in Forum mall in Kolkata. Here the women were patient enough to understand my requirements and offer options from various brands instead of convincing me that whatever they had was right for me. In fact they recommended me a 34D, when I had thought I was a 36 all my life and I did not even know a D existed. Happy to have finally found the right size, I went back a couple of months later to repurchase bras in the same size from the same shop when I was told by another saleswoman that a 36E was a better fit for me. I could see why and I thought that it would be me final and most accurate size.

I was wrong, again.

You will know why in the next blog coming up next week. Stay tuned to know how I can wear this favourite top (linked below) now without any worries.


Cold shoulder top: Exact top linked  here. Most sizes are sold out so I linked similar here and here.)

Trousers linked in another blogpost and shoes here

Lipstick: Buxom Plumpline Lip Liner.


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