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Perfect crop top for fall

Crop tops are flattering for petite structures like mine. Most people are surprised when I say that because they think that crop tops are for younger/skinny/tall body types.  I was also of the same opinion until I tried out the trend in 2016 when it debuted. I noticed that it was indeed becoming for some reason and I couldn’t stop wearing it until my mom got sick of me wearing the same crop top and skirt combo practically every other day. I will delve into the logic behind crop topsbeing suitable for petite frames in a crop-top roundup blog. Watch this space for more

In this blogpost, I wanted to show the perfect crop top for fall. I was wondering how I would wear continue my love for crop tops since most of my wardrobe is pretty summery at the moment. ( Psst-I am new to Michigan and I am dreading the harsh winters  , also I am open to migrating down south if anyone is willing to host me.) I decided to do some fall shopping before it gets too cold and I am freezing here. I did find a crop top in this beautiful deep green color which caught my eye. What is even more perfect is that is long sleeved and is a jersey material which is great for autumn. To add a dimension of dressy to the jersey material is the high neck and the feminine knot detail. I have been looking to add a deep green to my closet for a while since I have not had the color in my closet for a while. Now that the color is trending for fall 2017, I am hoping I will be having tons of options to choose from. Apparently, this color is called tidepool – a new learning for me. I love this bluish green (in my ordinary parlance) top as it complements my skin color.

And of course it is on sale for $43 ( the price literally dropped to $32 while I was writing this blog, buy it here) I paired with my current favourite wide-leg pants which I have been on-repeat here. Also they are highwaisted, an added bonus for pairing with this crop top if you are not comfortable baring your mid-riff/ you are petite. The trousers are less than $30. So you have a great fall outfit for less than $70. You will see me wear this outfit on repeat here.





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