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Why styling for special sizes is important for me and for you too

I help style people so that they look and feel good about themselves. Personal style and fashion is important for me because it is an expression of oneself. Most people suffer from low self-esteem under external pressure from society and media to conform to a certain stereotype. My goal is to help people feel fabulous no matter what shape or size.
Being a petite and overweight kid, I had the worst of both worlds when it came to clothes options. It was always a struggle to find clothes. While gifting me clothes, relatives would unabashedly look for what was then called “free size”. I was 60 kgs and around 5”2 when in class when I managed to lose most of the excess weight but then I have bigger breasts for a petite frame which was again a challenge to outfit as I have outlined in my previous blogposts here and here. The icing on the cake was/is my 22 years of battle with psoriasis. Having psoriasis meant constant need to cover my body parts which were affected by the psoriasis scaling. Therefore, that ruled out skirts and dresses which I otherwise loved and often wearing full sleeves in the endless summer of Kolkata.

Cut to today I am styling petite and plus sized women and helping them feel like a million bucks. From the conscious Oindrila to the confident Oindrila who helps others with their outfit challenges- it has been a journey which started with personal challenges. My years of working around my obstacles have helped me learn tricks in styling which I women with “perfect” bodies cannot fathom or do not think of. How can a tall person know which issues plague petite women – clothes that swallow us, pants that gather at the feet? Check out these leggings- they are the perfect length for someone under 5’2; Contrary to popular belief- shorter lengths actually compliment petites more because of the visual science involved. Yes, I love a strong logic behind everything so most of my styling tips are backed by that.

If you are tired of clothes that are not cut out for you or you do not know what styles flatter you most, check out my services here. I cannot wait to help you empower you with the tools and logic so that you step out in style everytime.




Leather jacket: Mango (exact here and similar here)

Mesh blouse: French Connection

Petite Legging: Express (similar here)

Ballerinas: Anne Klein

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