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Take-aways from meeting a creative entrepreneur


So I met with fellow creativepreneur, Emily Hasse, in the first week of 2018 since it had been ages since we met since our last fun photoshoot.  Emily had recently started her journey as a photographer and me as a stylist so it was rather interesting to recap the past 6 months since we had last met. It was apparent that we struggled to marry business and creativity and we exchanged ideas to boost both. Emily gave me some interesting tips for being consistently creative the new year.

  • Create irrespective of the outcome. Write 3 pages in the morning like priming the pump. Why? I suffer from inaction and procrastination. I procrastinate because I am scared of failing. My head is usually brimming with ideas but I lack the conviction to implement them because I am scared of not getting validation.  I realized that when I was a kid I used to  write whether anyone used to read because I used to like writing. I would write in school essays, journals, newspapers, personal diary. Of course, being published and appreciated and paid felt nice. However, that was not the driving force. Things have changed in the adult life- I write a blog and fert over its visibility. Meeting another creative entrepreneur helped me notice the irony of the situation.
  • Read The Artist’s Way: The multi-talented Emily, suggested that I read this book which provides tools to nourish your inner artist. For example, one such tool is to do something artsy for an hour every week. Be it visiting a museum or clicking photos on your phone. I read some excerpts from the book where a reader said that this book pushed her from not writing at all to becoming a novelist. I was like “ hell, yeah- that’s my childhood dream.”
  • Write 3 pages in the morning: I guess this is one of the recommendations of the book which Emily shared. Waking up and writing 3 pages of whatever comes to your mind. This could be anything from your immediate feelings to your plans or anything that comes to your mind. This exercise is to get all the unwanted stuff out of your system to make space for the creative stuff. I don’t know how coherent that statement makes but it does make sense to my spiritually inclined mind.


I am excited to see the effects of the new ideas gleaned from this coffee meeting. I think I should plan more of these early morning meetings more often to give me a rush of creativity. What are the creativity tools which you swear by?


Chunky green scarf: Forever 21

Handbag: You will be surprised it’s from here

2 thoughts on “Take-aways from meeting a creative entrepreneur”

  • I’m getting confused as to the purpose of your D.I.Y website. I thought it was about fashion. Now it seems more like a motivational site. And I’m not in need of motivation to write books, or anything else.

    Of course, I can bridge this apparent gap by motivating myself to get more creative with my fashion style. But, that is a very long bridge to cross.

    I’ve been going to this site to get creative fashion ideas – like pairing summer clothes with warm sweaters for a new winter look. And I remember the help you gave me in the store when you said to combine masculine pieces with romantic accents. Great advice!

    Fashion is a wonderful talent of yours. I hope your next blog gets back to that focus.

    • Thank you for your feedback. I am flattered to know you have been following my site for fashion ideas. Fashion for me is an expression of my creativity and it is quite difficult to classify my creativity even though I have tried to categorize it in D.I.Y under 3 categories “Fashion, feminism and entrepreneurship”. I am passionate about empowering women be it through style advice, eliminating stress from dressing so that they can show up feeling confident for their respective duties.
      I am excited about the direction D.I.Y is taking in 2018 and I hope you are as well, fellow female entrepreneur. Do follow along on my social media where I post my everyday style for more inspiration.

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