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Summer clothes in winter

Don’t give in to the commerce of fashion. Don’t  give in to the temptation of fast fashion by believing that you need a different set of  every season. Inspite of being located at a lower latitude,Michigan winters (42°N) are definitely severe compared to other places I have inhabited before such as Paris (48°N), Metz (49°N). However, I did not go on a rampage and buy winter paraphernalia because I love to reuse and restyle clothes across various seasons because it gives me immense creative satisfaction. An example is this summer dress which I wore on repeat in summer.print-maxi-dress-style



However, I did not want to stop wearing it in fall and winter too so this is how I wore it for colder temperatures. I have used my very old off-shoulder top on top of my maxi-dress. I added in a belt for defining the silhouette and a pair of tall boots to add height.




I have also worn it with a pull on sweater on top of the dress. Most people though I was wearing a skirt and complimented me on the skirt. Either way I am proud of the fact that I can create deceptive fashion like that. Do you like using your clothing pieces creatively? Let me know in the comments below

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