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My khaki green challenge

I often get asked what colors work with khaki green trousers. Off the top of my head,  I would go to my favourite color in clothing- white/ivory top. And it is a no-brainer because tones of white are the easiest to pair. Picture below.

However, if we put aside the safest shades in the color scheme i.e black and white, we are left with a challenge with khaki green pants or jackets. I took up the challenge to see what I could pull off with my khaki green trousers which are by the way oh-so-comfy. Apart from the painful ironing bit, I love linen trousers ( have linked similar khaki trousers below). So back to styling my khaki green linen trousers in straight cut. I thought of the other colors that my mind would jump to and I thought of mustard yellow. In fact, I have worn this combination often before I did this challenge. Here is the outfit with a mustard yellow neckpiece.

After the mustard yellow, I was struggling to visualise other colors with khaki green. I decided to do what I do best- research and I gathered that aqua works with khaki green. I looked up the RGB (red green blue) presence of both the colors and discovered that both khaki green and aqua blue have green as a dominant color. This is what I found in my closet for an aqua blue and khaki green pairing demonstration. I would have never thought of pairing these 2 colors earlier but now I am glad have one more color option for my comfortable khaki linen pants.

If you want to dress up your neutral khaki green, wear prints with pop of color. I even went and added sparkle to dress up the casual linen pants.  See below.

When we think khaki green we think casual but it can be potentially dressed up if you want to add some glam without giving up the comfort of  linen pants.

Links to straight cut khaki green linen pants  here and here.

Let me know in the comments which other colors would you pair with khaki green and which was your favourite combination of the 4 color pairing below.


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