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Bell sleeved and ruffled blazer

If there is a wardrobe staple that I need to have at all times is a blazer. I do not remember wearing a blazer while I was living in Kolkata because  a) Kolkata is usually warm for most of the year and b) I used to think that blazers are for interviews and such formal events.

However, when I went to France I saw that the French wear blazers for all types of events-be it casual or formal. Of course, it always helped to have a layer handy for the cooler temperatures but it also helped with the styling quotient. A blazer can instantly dress up a casual attire and give it a sophisticated look if you are going from casual to formal or vice versa..

So I had been in the market for a blazer for a while and I knew I wanted one which was a little more dressy and brighter than the blacks and greys I possess.   I had seen a lot of different designs of blazers come into the market lately – designs which were not as structured as the ones I already had in my closet. I went shopping and found this stunning blazer from Topshop with the help of this lovely assistant there. The blazer just spoke to me even inspite of it being a little beyond my pre planned budget. It had a lot going on- ruffles, peplum and bell sleeves and it was in one of my favourite colors- blush pink. Even though it is a departure from the formal blazer I did end up going to interviews in this blazer and there has never been a  time that I have not got a compliment for this bell sleeved and ruffled blazer. It just so happened that I had pumps in the same color as the blazer which I threw on last minute before rushing out for a meeting. It ended up giving me this very “oh-look-at-me-I-am-so-coordinated-with-my-colors’ which I am totally not otherwise.


Now that it is getting cooler, I am using it as a third piece and it instantly dresses up the most attire. Did I mention it is cropped which is why it is perfect for my under 5’2 frame.




Here is the blazer which has fetched me compliments from the random-est people including my Uber driver, potential employers and random people.

I have linked similar ones here. Target is offering bell sleeved blazers in 2 colors (under $70) and a military inspired blazer for plus sizes (under $50) here and hereMango has a blazer in white in limited sizes (50% off and under $50). These 3 blazers have buttons which is perfect for the chills in the evening.

Are there any favourite blazer types you have? Please let me know in the comments below.


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