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3 outfits for 3 seasons with a casual white top




Once this roommate of mine told me “Can you stop buying white shirts ? You have 10,000 white shirts”  Well, I wish did not own that many white shirts but I have a weakness for white tops and shirts because they are so classic and easy to style. You can pair just about any color and fabric with them and get an instantly sophisticated look. Here are 3 basic white top looks for around the year.Top has been picked out by mom – she loves white and goes on a rampage selecting white tops whenever we are at Sarojini Nagar, Delhi.

In this blogpost I will show you how to wear the same casual white top across seasons.

The first is of course my favourite combo of long flowy top and legging combo. This is a great outfit for summer. Note to petites –this is a one of the best ways to wear your regular shirts which are big on you.

The second look for white top is a third piece like a sweater or vest when it is slightly cold or windy. You can wrap a scarf around too as it serves not only styles but also protects from the wind here in Michigan. I had this photo taken way back in spring before I chopped off my hair so I look quite different from the other outfit pics.

The third look is with a trench coat for colder times. I have this lightweight trench coat from eons ago and I have barely used it so I was happy to wear it after ages and add a pop of color to my white top. You can also wear your heavier trench coats for colder weather.

Do let me know in the comments if there is any oter way your would have worn this top.

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