Be yourself and do it your self


Style Session

The style session is a geting-acquainted session between the client and the stylist in person or virtually. The aim of this session is to understand the need and challenges faced by the client. This understanding is the foundation for developing the individual style for you.
Aim of session: Develop a guideline for dressing for you based on your personality, aspirations, body type, colors and other nuances unique to you.

How: We will analyze your style and guide you on the look, garments, fabric and colors that would be best suited for you.

What you take away: A better understanding of why and what suits you best so that you are empowered to make better informed style decisions. A personalized style guide which will make a note of the recommendations for you to start and stay on track of your transition.

Price: $100/hour

Lookbook Creation

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language” said the Italian designer Miuccia Prada.

What you wear is an expression of yourself and that is crucial for your image in a personal or professional setting. Your attire not only affects how you feel about yourself but also others’ impression of you. Outfit planning for 5 days a week can be a handful along with your other duties.  That’s where we step in and help you create a functional wardrobe  and a lookbook which will help you establish your personal style.

How: In this 3 hour session we will examine your professional wardrobe in the comfort of your home and ask you to try on your outfits with possible permutations and combinations. You can complement this session with a personal shopping session to update your existing wardrobe.

What you take away: A look book with planned outfits for your requirement such as work, social or professional events. The idea is to minimize the time spent on outfit planning everyday by creating go-to looks with your existing wardrobe.

Price: $397

Personal Shopping

Personal shopping services enable you to choose outfits based on your budget with the inputs and suggestions  from the stylist.

Aim of the session: Equips you with items which will add value to your wardrobe.

How: After understanding your style concerns, we will head to retail or eretail stores to shop items which are aligned with your style goals, budget and lifestyle. This will empower you to make best choices for yourself when you are shopping on your own in the future.

What you take away: Brand new additions to your functional wardrobe and a knowledge of what works for you.

Price: $100/hour