Be yourself and do it your self

About me

Ever since I have been a kid I have been fascinated by the finer things in life – books, clothes, shoes, food. Of course the list has been grown over the years as I have discovered new hobbies and experiences. The stylish, the elegant, the beautiful have always appealed to me. However, that came at a price which one might not always be able to afford, specially as a kid. My eye for fashion comes from my mother who is a diva in her own right and has an impeccable sense of fashions and trend.  Her saree collection, her ability to spot that one gorgeous piece in a store and most importantly her ability to predict and sport fashion trends ahead of time have all had an influence of me and my fashion sense.

A girl/woman always desires to look exquisite and possess exclusive things. As soon as I realized the things I crave- fine clothes, trendy shoes, designer accessories- come at hefty price tag, I made it my vow to grow up and earn tons of money to be able to buy them. So with that resolution in mind, I boarded a plane headed to France for my business in Masters.

A new experience in fashion and elegance awaited me as I tried to decode how the French looked effortlessly stylish even in the simplest of outfits. The French girls could rock a pair of flats as easily as brave the Parisian metro in heels. I am planning to dedicate another blog altogether on the secret to effortless French style. I realized the secret to their 24*7 style after years of observation and trial and error- grooming and confidence.

As I get compliments from people on my selection of clothes and accessories and answer questions on what I have done to my skin- I have only one answer that I am blessed with it. But that is not completely true as these choices come to me like an impulse after years of grooming that I have seen and been influenced by. Most people –men and women-who think that cannot afford it are most likely not aware that fashion can be done on a budget. One just needs to know how to do it on a budget. As my mom says- it is easy to be buy expensive clothes with all the money of the world but it is the hunt for fashion on a budget that brings out the real fashionista.

Coming to the objective of this blog and DIY style – the objective is to empower people with their personal style.

I would like to impart the knowledge and expertise I have gathered so far to men and women who aspire to look and feel more confident about themselves. Confidence is the key to looking effortlessly stylish and that confidence comes from knowing yourself and what works for you perfectly. Wearing a pair of heels and looking uncomfortable in them would defy the objective of wearing them. A few classic items and a ton of knowledge about what works for you is more valuable than a huge but unutilised wardrobe.